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Saba Salamat, Ayesha Yamin, Amina Saleem


The Pakistani bride describes the experience of an orphaned girl before marriage and after marriage whose name is Zaitoon. It also explains condition of women in male dominant society.The novel also describes the various problems that a women face in the patriarchal society. These problems are presented by women character like Zaitoon, Carol and Saki's mother, Hamida. The theme of fake thinking of marriage is also important in this novel. The novel further explains that women is always been considere for satisfy the sexual appetite of men in his life.  Sidhwa tries to present the pity condition of women in this male dominating society. It is the most critical towards these unjust traditions that negligible the structure of the community Zaitoon’s struggle of women against the men but it is also at another level the struggle of a woman against both man and Nature. The novel describes the circumstances of women in a world dominated by men where women are not individuals nothing more than a piece of land and sometimes a beast that can be traded with. She has to observe Purdah, to protect herself from eyes of men, representing a sexually repressed society. Submissiveness is the pride of her lord and her smallest act of disobedience is treated as an attack on his inveterate honour. Women of this socuety can't say whatsoever in matters personal or professional, private or public, domestic or societal, regional or national. Such is the story of a young girl Zaitoon who is given in marriage to a ruthless tribal for honor’s sake. Zaitoon not only defies her destiny but also challenges it by running away from the clutches of her rude husband.

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