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Iqra Shaheen, Sobia Iqbal, Zanib Alvi


The novel “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia” by Mohsin Hamid presents the dominant theme of individual’s struggle. Mohsin Hamid is one of those Pakistani writers who are known and appreciated for raising the issues that every individual is facing today. This is a remarkable novel for its second person narration “you” with no names for characters and for the references of self-help book of how to get success in business. The novel is written about unnamed place but the nature and frequency of ills like corruption, nepotism, terrorism and insecurity refers that the novel is set in contemporary Pakistan. He writes this novel as a guide for its readers for improving the financial status from poverty to wealth through a step by step process. The story is about a boy rising from poverty to wealth when moves from a village to progressive city for more opportunities. The results are discussed through the qualitative analysis of the novel and by the application of certain concepts of deconstruction theory. Qualitative research suggests a complete social phenomena within its natural setting. Through the qualitative research technique we can collect better information of problems, situations or activities. Basically the significance of this study lies in providing the new meanings and perspectives regarding man’s struggle to survive in the society. In Hamid’s novel it is difficult to judge a character from one perspective as his characters possess various complex characteristics. Derrida says that the meaning of a word is not stable or certain and its meaning comes from the relationship with other words and this is called the “deconstruction”. The writer says that one time book provides the guidance and on the other moment book is called a whore. He talk about the so called better and self-helping education system of his country as there are more and more degree holders with no satisfactory jobs.

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Iqra Shaheen, Sobia Iqbal, Zanib Alvi. (2020). “HOW TO GET FILTHY RICH IN RISING ASIA”. JOURNAL OF APPLIED LINGUISTICS AND TESOL, 2(2), 3-6. Retrieved from http://jalt.com.pk/index.php/JALT/article/view/586