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Iqra naz, ayesha, faizah


This research analyses the concept of homelessness and liminality in The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad (1931-2014).This project is a post- colonial study of Jamil Ahmad’s narrative using Victor Turner’s theory of liminality.The aim of the research is to analyse by juxtaposing the Baluchi tribal community and the urban Pakistani community to reveal the façade  of civilization. It also aims at exploring the sense of belonging of the people residing on the Baluchi-Irani border-zone. It examines the different forms of boundaries that appear in the narrative. This research is significant in evaluating the tribal social setup in the Baluchi border region and the liminal existence of the natives

The research aims at exploring the homelessness and sense of belonging, depicted in the book, and its impact on the characters. It also endeavors to explore the liminal experiences of the people residing on the Baluchi-Irani border. It also endeavors to analyze the façade of the civilized world by juxtaposing the Structure and Communitas.

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