Aims and Objectives

The Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (JALT) serves as a refereed scholarly publication dedicated to disseminating knowledge and expertise within the broad field of applied linguistics.

JALT's central aim is to provide a platform for:

  • Sharing information on second language acquisition (SLA)
  • Exploring advancements in foreign language pedagogy
  • Highlighting developments in language teacher education
  • Promoting innovative approaches to classroom language instruction

The journal welcomes contributions that address a wide range of topics within applied linguistics, including but not limited to:

  • Issues in applied linguistics
  • Assessment of writing skills
  • Bilingualism and its impact on cognition
  • Research in language learning and teaching
  • Language testing methodologies
  • Innovative uses of technology in language instruction (ITL)
  • Developments in child language acquisition
  • Research on second language writing
  • Exploration of various reading and writing methodologies
  • Teacher education programs for language instructors