Archiving Policy

1. Introduction

The Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (JALT) recognizes the importance of long-term access and preservation of scholarly research. This policy outlines the procedures for archiving JALT publications to ensure their continued availability for readers and researchers.

2. Archiving Format

JALT publishes its articles in electronic format (.pdf) on the journal's website.

3. Archiving Location

JALT utilizes a two-fold archiving strategy:

  • Primary Archive: All published articles are deposited in the journal's own online archive on the JALT website [JALT website].
  • Secondary Archive: JALT actively explores and encourages deposit of articles in reputable long-term digital repositories, such as those recommended by relevant library consortia or scholarly societies.

4. Author Archiving Rights

Authors retain the right to share their published articles through personal or institutional repositories, following the JALT embargo period (if applicable) and with proper attribution to the journal.

5. Long-Term Access

JALT is committed to maintaining long-term access to its archived content. The journal will employ appropriate technical measures to ensure the ongoing functionality of its website and explore options for data migration if necessary to preserve accessibility.

6. Review and Update

This archiving policy will be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect best practices and technological advancements in scholarly publishing.

7. Contact

For any questions regarding the JALT archiving policy, please contact the journal editor at [].