Copyright and Publishing Rights

While the Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (JALT) website includes a copyright statement claiming all rights reserved, it lacks a detailed explanation of copyright and publishing rights for authors. Here's what we can glean from the available information:

Copyright Ownership:

  • The website states "Copyright © 1995 - 2024. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." This suggests the Contemporary Institute for Research and Professional Development in Education (CIRPDE), the publisher, might hold the copyright.

Author Rights:

  • The absence of an author rights statement makes it unclear whether JALT operates under an open access model or a traditional subscription model.


  • To determine copyright and publishing rights for your work, it's crucial to consult JALT's author guidelines. These guidelines should explicitly outline:
    • Copyright ownership (author vs. publisher)
    • Licensing options (e.g., Creative Commons)
    • Author self-archiving rights (e.g., depositing articles in repositories)
  • If the guidelines aren't available online, contact the editor at for clarification.

Additional Considerations:

  • Since JALT is a relatively new publication (established in 2020), its copyright and publishing practices might still be evolving.
  • Be cautious of scholarly journals that lack transparency regarding copyright and author rights.