Withdrawal Policy

1. Introduction

The Journal of Applied Linguistics and TESOL (JALT) recognizes that authors may need to withdraw their manuscripts from consideration for publication at various stages of the review process. This policy outlines the procedures for withdrawing a manuscript submitted to JALT.

2. When to Withdraw a Manuscript

Authors are encouraged to withdraw their manuscripts if any of the following situations apply:

  • They discover a significant error in the manuscript that requires substantial revision.
  • They decide to submit the manuscript to another journal.
  • They no longer wish to publish the manuscript.

3. Withdrawal Procedures

  • Before Review: Authors can withdraw their manuscript at any time before it is assigned to reviewers. To do so, they should contact the journal editor via email and clearly state their intention to withdraw the manuscript.
  • During Review: Once a manuscript is assigned for review, authors can still withdraw it. However, they are encouraged to wait for initial reviewer feedback before doing so. To withdraw during review, authors should contact the journal editor and explain their reasons for withdrawal.

4. Implications of Withdrawal

  • Before Review: Withdrawing a manuscript before review will not have any negative consequences for the authors. They are welcome to submit a revised version of the manuscript to JALT at a later date.
  • During Review: Withdrawing a manuscript during review may delay the review process for other manuscripts in the queue. The editor will assess the situation and determine if reviewers' comments can still be beneficial to the authors if they choose to revise and resubmit the manuscript to JALT.

5. Contact Information

Authors who wish to withdraw their manuscript should contact the JALT editor at [editor@jalt.com.pk].

6. Additional Considerations

  • JALT reserves the right to withdraw a manuscript from publication if it is found to violate the journal's ethical guidelines.
  • This withdrawal policy is subject to change at the discretion of the JALT editorial team.